The two friends Anton and Theodor are preparing for a night out. They are young and carefree – facing zero challenges aside of being out of booze. The mood drastically changes when their friend Simon arrives with a confession to make.

directed and written by joachim morre
produced by christian lønhart
production by isaac

anton: johan bech jespersen

theodor: rasmus daugbjerg
simon: anton hjejle

director of photography: søren kahr

first ac: mikkel hjort-pedersen

second ac / DIT: asger meineche

1st ad: pelle gøtze johansson

scripter: emilie fabricius hacke

production managers: gabriella votta & melanie dastmalchi

eco manager: mika blem

production assistant: malou takibo

runner: asger meineche

sound designer: mia joanna koskela

sound recordists: catrine le dous, ida skjerk & august valentin drenck

production designer: anna skovgaard

costume design: johan bech jespersen & rasmus daugbjerg

editor: emma lagrelius

colorist: mikkel hjort-pedersen

still photography: niklas vindelev

artwork: martin padalak

executive producer: christian lønhart, søren kahr & joachim morre

All rights reserved isaac & joachim morre